Jan 19, 2011

See if you can detect the theme.

Greetings all. A rare embarrassment of riches this week as I got several questions/emails instead of the usual trickle, but in a case of bad timing I find myself in the midst of some personal, logistical and miscellaneous shall we say "issues" ...so I don't have a lot of time - but I can't spread the questions and answers out over the next four weeks (or more) because they all sounded more time critical than usual. So here are some uncharacteristically short answers followed by what I hope won't be a rambling summary.

To Passport to Adventure: You're young and trust me, it won't get any EASIER for you to move to Europe as the years pass. Do it and have the experience. Life is short.

To Waste Not-Wanton NOT: As long as you're being honest with your partners, not exploiting them or yourself and of course practicing safe sex (EVERY time) then embrace what you referred to as your "apparent slut phase." Life is short.

To Garbage Man: Your friends don't know what they're talking about and they sound unremittingly horrible. Find new ones as quickly as possible. Life is short.

To Simpler Than I Thought: Congratulations. Now to get rid of that continued "empty feeling" try to figure out what you can do to help other people. It matters and, well, life is short.

That sums it all up pretty well I think, but don't get used to these short answers because I find them very unsatisfying ... if I was comfortable writing in short bombastic blasts, Ask A Punk would be little more than a twitter feed. Of course I DO have a twitter feed (@askapunk, of course) but I don't use it as much as everyone tells me I should.

Anyway, yes, as you can tell, I'm not in my normal, expansive frame of mind. There are a few things pulling me in too many directions at once and as the frustrations etc mount I have to keep reminding myself that LIFE IS SHORT... cut out all the BS whenever possible and try, try to stick to what really matters - and I don't mean selfishly, I mean karmic-ly. SO much of what you're worried about today, right this instant either 1) Isn't going to happen or 2) doesn't matter much anyway. Think I'm wrong? .... Think about what is causing you the most worry and anxiety at this moment... got it? now... can you tell me what was fueling this same level of worry/anxiety six weeks ago? six days ago? ...except in rare cases, I'm guessing you don't even remember what it was because it either didn't come to pass or it didn't really matter all that much.

Gotta Go.
See you next week.