I grew up in the sleepy hinterlands of Western Massachusetts where I was one of the few punk rockers in my small town in the very early '80s. After escaping to Boston in my 20's, I later jumped across the continent to California. My old punk bands were as numerous as they were awful and forgettable. Trust me when I tell you: you've never heard of any of them, but the concepts of self-sufficiency, DIY, and living within (or below) one's means took hold and have never let go. Over the years/decades you may have seen me in the mosh pit in any of the following places (or on stage in more than a few of them): Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, the Raleigh-Durham-Asheville triangle, New Orleans, Portland (Maine), Hartford, Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louis, and countless small towns in between.

I now live in Southern California where I make my way in the world as a writer / comedian / filmmaker / teacher ...and although I'm not playing in bands anymore, I manage to wrap my fingers around a guitar nearly every day.

For professional contact etc, please use the same email/contact address you see in the sidebar. ...or you can visit Planet OConnor.