Sep 4, 2013

Sonic-wanting Youth

Dear Ask A Punk -
I like music and I really like punk rock music. I would like to be in a band someday. What instrument should I play? - ADA

Dear ADA
Hello. Thank you for asking your question. I am glad that you like punk rock music very much. That makes me smile. 

It is fun to pick out what instrument you want to play. Most people sort of know what instrument they want to play even if they are not sure why, but many people are probably wondering which one to choose just like you are.

Since I do not know you, I can not just TELL you what instrument to choose, so I am going to ask you some questions that might help you decide, depending on what your anwers are.

  • Have you ever watched a real band play? If yes, do you remember paying more attention to one of the musicians than all of the others? If yes, then whatever that person was playing might be the instrument for you.
  • Do you like to snap your fingers to the beat and listen quietly to a song? If yes, you might want to play BASS GUITAR.
  • Do you mostly just want to look cool, make loud sounds and have everyone look at you? You might want to play REGULAR GUITAR.
  • Have you ever gotten in trouble for breaking things or running around the house like a maniac? If yes, then you might want to play DRUMS.
  • When you hum along to the music does it make you want to write your own songs with lots of other instruments playing along? If yes, then you might want to play PIANO.

I hope those help, but if you still can't really decide decide then the best guess is to start with the piano. This is because, if you really understand the piano then it will be way easier to learn to play all those other instruments later.

And maybe that is an even better idea: Learn to play them all !!