May 25, 2011

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"I shot the serif" ? wtf did that have to do with anything? What the fuck is a serif and what does any of this have to do with punk rock or even with the person's question? Why are your headlines always so stupid? Your not punk. - unsigned.

Dear reader-
As always, I thank anyone who takes the time to write in to AAP, no matter what their question, or attitude but, as I also often point out: If you don't like the content, please feel free to just move along. I don't see the point of starting a flame war... but I will answer your questions.

I am forever shocked at how freely some people admit, almost to the point of pride, that they "don't know" something... implying that people who DO know certain, obscure things, like say - what a 'serif' is, are somehow to be looked DOWN on because they know something you don't. Is a defensive reflex? ...and really there is no excuse since you could easily type "serif" in the search window at the top of your browser and find the answer in less than .0000478 seconds... and while you're at it you could google "the difference between your and you're." ...I'm getting pretty sick of the ascendancy of the moron. Do you really aspire to live in a country where knowledgeable = suspect and ignorant = acceptable? Stupidity isn't "punk" either.

As far as the headlines in general go, I'll admit to a certain weakness for puns, but also SEO101 says that a good headline is one of the best ways to hook new readers... Maybe I go a bit overboard sometimes, but hey - the whole point of having your own blog is so you can do things EXACTLY the way you want, without having to seek anyone's editorial approval.

...and I'm guessing you don't know what "SEO" is either... please just google it and leave me alone. Maybe you could find another website where they just blow stuff up real good. You won't be missed here at AAP.

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