Mar 13, 2013

Your Name Here (not)

Before we get to this week's question I wanted to call everyone's attention to the following (and since I do these posts a few weeks in advance, my apologies for perhaps being the last person to post about this.) -- In what is probably the closest to a Replacements reunion we're ever likely to see, a story about a new Replacements song, as part of a benefit for replacement Replacement Slim Dunlap who recently had a stroke. Dig it. 

Now on to this week's question.

Dear AAP-
I live in Brooklyn, the now epicenter of hip and hipster and all of that. Sometimes just when I'm tired of  hearing all the stereotype stories in the media, I'll end up spending the day dealing with some douche with a mountain-man beard and a flannel shirt who is trying to tell me all about how his new band is "it's own genre" or "nothing the world has ever heard before." I may only be 28, but I'm in probably my 10th band and I've seen a thousand of them and I listen to spotify and soundcloud and pandora set on "random" just to see what'll turn up next and I just want to scream at these people that there is nothing really, REALLY new... If you're sticking to western style music it is all the same 12 notes, just re-arranged, and jesus everyone with garageband on their laptops thinks they're a band now and I can't fucking stand it. I'm just a normal-ish girl. I just play punk rock and I don't think there is anything wrong with that but I trying to get a show anywhere within a 30 block radius just isn't happening. I don't know what the problem is really. There are a bazillion people here. There has to be 30 or 40 who just want to rock wouldn't you think? - Questioner.

Dear Questioner -
I agree, so what's the problem? What is always the first rule? DIY. You're surrounded by thousands and thousands of your generational peers and they're all looking for something to do with their nights and their energy and their hormones... and these days there are no excuses. Get out there. If you can't get invited to a play at a show start your own. Find a bar or a garage or a livingroom that will let you set up and play, then go out and get/find/kidnap your audience using every means at your disposal. This has always been the first step and never has it been easier for a new band to do. I know that you already know this. 

I'm sure the people reading this are probably thinking the same thing, and they're also noticing that you weren't asking much of a question really. What they don't know is that I had to edit your question rather extensively to take out the (at least) four obvious mentions of your band name and other facts that had nothing to do with a question and everything to do with self-promotion. I know every website wants the world to think that they are a major and influential hub of some kind, but I'll be honest... a mention here on Ask A Punk isn't going to bring the masses to your next gig anyway. 

There are no shortcuts. A good band can always find a gig, as evidenced by the fact that nearly any bad band can find a gig too. Go do something awesome. 

Good luck.

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