Sep 25, 2013

Gritty in Pink

Dear Ask A Punk
I like punk rock music. I listen to it all the time and I enjoy seeing shows when I can but we don't have a lot of all-ages shows here. The problem is that I don't 'look' punk enough I guess. When I go to shows the girls in their ripped fishnets and leather and stuff sort of sneer at me like I'm a poser, but I know as much, or probably more about it all than they do. I just don't look cool enough for them I guess. I never comment on what they're wearing. I can't help it if I just like nicer clothes, and I don't mean expensive clothes or anything. I'm not rich. In fact it is the opposite. I don't have the money to spend or waste on clothes that I can only wear to shows and not also wear to school or a job or out in the world. What should someone like me do? - Too Posh Punk

Dear TPP
The quick, easy and correct answer is: Ignore them all. Ignore 'em with a vengeance. Putting on clothes you don't really "feel" just to please or fit in with these anonymous girls would be the poser move, so screw that. 

I've said before that one of the most punk rock people I ever knew wore chinos, penny-loafers and an oxford shirt to every show, yet no one doubted his punk rock bonafides. It was always clear that he was sincere about his passionate love of the music, and that was all that mattered. That should be all that matters to everyone, but we know that just isn't the case. As soon as Punk Rock became "a thing" as much as we all might have tried to fight it, certain "standard" modes of dress and haircare crept in. This is normal for pretty much any human society or sub-group. Sooner or later an identifiable uniform is generally agreed upon and then our most tragic human tendency kicks in: The tendency to divide everyone into either "us" or "them." 

I don't even feel the need to make this one of my usual long-winded answers. You're right to stick to your guns, live your life and only hang the clothes that you want in your closet and on your body. Always. 

Good luck.

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