Nov 20, 2013

Write back again in ten years, or maybe five.

Dear ask a punk-
ot whatever. I just reead yhour story about molly and you are so totally wrong. I hate when ppeople talka bout things they don't know about especially old people who don't know what i going on. Molly is safe if youu respect it and stay hydrates and take care of eachother like humans are supoosed to anyway. People don't get that. We shouud all care more about aeach other and dance togethera nd be together and tue people like you who say bad things apbut it don't know what their taling about and are just tryin to scare people. You don't knw anything abpnut it and shou'dnt talk about things ypou don't know about. I bet if you went to an EDM show you wourd have ana mazing time and not stop talking about it to your rfriends. and the peo9ple ther would except you even if you are old and stuff. you pdon't know about it. (unsigned) 

Dear (unsigned) -
Please tell me that you wrote that message on your phone, in the dark, without your glasses and while wearing mittens. If not, I hope to god you didn't have to drive anywhere any time soon after you hit "send." I'm not sure why I'm even answering this - it isn't really a question. OK, maybe I do know: The mailbag has been slow lately. 

If you (ever) sober up and decide to actually READ my earlier post about EDM and molly that you referred to, I think you will see that my response wasn't chock-full of draconian anti-drug language. I pretty much said that anything chemical that a person decides to put into his or her body is going to come with trade-offs. Only a misinformed fool, or an "immortal" teenager would argue otherwise. 

I hope you do stay safe and that nothing terrible happens to you, or your brain in the coming years. That is your choice to make... just don't say that no one warned you there could be consequences. 

Good luck. Seriously.

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